• Tornado

    More Tornadoes Expected To Hit US Monday

    The National Weather Service, or NOAA, announced Monday that several central U.S. states and multiple cities are at risk of experiencing tornadoes, high winds and hail Monday afternoon following last week's deadly storms.
  • Talon Air Launches New Serque Yacht

    Luxury Yachts: The latest addition to the fleet of on-demand luxury private jet charter and management service Talon Air doesn't have wings; no, its not some revolutionary new kind of aircraft, but rather the Serque... a brand new $15 million, 135-ft. motoryacht. The luxurious vessel features six elegant staterooms accommodating up to 13 guests, wood paneling throughout,three 42-inch LCD televisions on the flybridge,a six-person spa, two Yamaha jet skis and a 47 Intrepid Sport Yacht for diving and fishing.