• 15 Reasons Professionals (Ages 18-25) MUST Invest in Their Careers NOW

    How you look for work, as well as how you find work you love has changed deeply in the last 20 years. And yet, college teaches you everything EXCEPT how to get the job. That being said, there are two ways you can attempt to learn what you need to in order to take control of your future.
  • 4 Actions That Got People Jobs (In This Recession!)

    First, let me mention that some great advice is being shared as part of Job Action Day 2009 by a slew of really talented career advisors. When asked what I thought the secret to getting hired in this down economy was, I decided to share 4 things I've actually seen work for job seekers in the last month. That's right - all the actions below were instrumental in getting people I know hired in this r...