• Somali pirates hijack two more ships

    Somali pirates seized a Greek cargo ship and a Yemeni fishing boat in the latest attacks demonstrating their ability to evade international naval forces, gunmen and officials said Wednesday.
  • Somali pirates say UK couple taken to container ship

    Somali pirates holding two Britons captive in the Indian Ocean have transferred them to another vessel and said on Thursday that they planned to keep them onboard off the Somali mainland.
  • Somali pirates warn Britain against yacht rescue

    Somali pirates holding two Britons captive aboard a yacht off the coast of the Horn of Africa nation warned Britain not to try to rescue the couple.
  • Somali pirates hijack 2 ships, NATO scuppers attack

    Somali pirates hijacked a Greek and a Ukrainian ship on Saturday and a NATO warship briefly detained 19 pirates armed with high explosives after foiling an attack on a Norwegian tanker in the Gulf of Aden.