• lady gaga

    Lady Gaga Goes Naked For Art Project

    The Kickstarter campaign seeks investments for the development of the Marina Abramovic Institute.
  • Magnum D’Or Resources, Inc. (MDOR) Fat Contracts Prompt Personnel Additions

    Magnum D’Or Resources, Inc. is an innovator in rubber reprocessing with the logistical capacity to easily satisfy its 5-year, $131.2 million in open contracts for the production of rubber buffings and nuggets. However, as Magnum President and CEO Joseph Glusic recently stated, the infrastructural expansion this capital represents demands the immediate retention of several key [...]
  • Spire Corp. (SPIR) Signs Contract with South Korean Uni-CHEM Co., Ltd.

    Today, Spire Corporation announced that it has entered into two contracts to supply South Korea-based company Uni-CHEM Co., Ltd. with a 60 megawatt (MW) per year turnkey Cell Line and a 50MW per year turnkey Module Line. The contract also includes associated utilities and infrastructure support. The company projects that the Uni-CHEM integrated Cell and [...]