• Dominican boys practice baseball at a park in Guerra August 10, 2013.

    The Economics Of Baseball In The Dominican Republic

    For young Dominicans who make it, the money they can earn in the big leagues dwarf their wildest dreams of fame and fortune.
  • Franco-Turks protesters hold French electoral cards and a Turkish flag as they attend a demonstration next to the National Assembly in Paris

    Turkey Recalls Envoy to France to Protest Armenian Genocide Bill

    The bill proposes a 45,000 euro fine and jail sentence of up to one year for those who violate the law.
  • Cricket fans with their faces painted with the Indian and Pakistani national flags

    World Cricket Cup: All eyes are on Mohali as giants clash

    All eyes are now riveted on the upcoming Wednesday’s key semi-final tie between India and Pakistan in the tenth edition of the World Cup Cricket tournament to be played in the north Indian city of Mohali.
  • Scott Stevenson stands outside the locked gate of a shuttered small manufacturing plant

    Recession creating ‘lost generation’ of young Americans

    Due to the dampening effects of the recession, migration within the U.S. crawled to its lowest rate in recorded history last year, potentially creating a ‘lost generation’ among Americans.
  • A View On Sovereign Risk

    The chart below presents the top 20 sovereigns with the largest amount of net CDS (not gross) notional outstanding. Interestingly, Spain, with its $11.1 trillion in net notional, has the most net risk exposure, second only to General Electric (parent of brutally realistic and objective financial news station CNBC). Additionally, the chart demonstrates not just the current spread of any given sovereign's CDS level, but also the phenomenal tightening that has occurred since March 6. What is surprising, is that as corporate risk has been socialized by sovereigns all over the world (most notably in the US), this chart indicates that some entity has also been socializing sovereign risk: Zero Hedge would love to know who that could be. Absent that logical explanation, the only other reason for the 150 bps average tightening is that trading is based exclusively on technicals (read squeeze), which is to be expected: after all technicals (and induced squeezes) are the driving...
  • Indians among most disgruntled employees in Gulf nations

    Indian workers in Gulf countries appear to be the most disgruntled employees in the Middle-East among all expatriates, a survey conducted by the Arabian Business website has revealed.