• Rick Santorum

    Did Rick Santorum Call Obama A Ni--a? Santorum Speech Slips Up Possible Racial Slur [VIDEO]

    Internet communities across the web are alleging Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum slipped up in a speech criticizing President Barack Obama's foreign policy, resulting in what appears to be a racial slur.
  • Ian Murphy as 'David Koch' Talk with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (FULL TEXT)

    The following is a transcript of a nearly 20 minute conversation on February 22, 2011 between Ian Murphy, a columnist for the website known as The Buffalo Beast, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Murphy was posing as conservative activist David Koch.
  • Paul Ryan Delivers Republican Rebuttal to State of the Union (FULL TEXT)

    Senator Paul Ryan delivered the official Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech on Thursday. The following is the full text.
  • Pressures on Fuel Ethanol Production Capacity

    Capacity to produce fuel ethanol from corn nearly tripled between January 2006 and January 2009. However, over the past 18 months, a combination of surplus production capacity, the decline of gasoline prices from their mid-2008 peak level, and high corn prices that boosted producers' input costs have resulted in a sharp decline in ethanol margins. The combination of economic pressures on capacity led some producers to idle plants, and in some cases, file for bankruptcy.
  • Cogdell Spencer, Inc. (CSA) Subsidiary Signs Two Large Contracts

    Cogdell Spencer ERDMAN, wholly owned subsidiary of Cogdell Spencer, Inc., signed two contracts totaling $88.8 million to construct two Healthcare facilities in Wisconsin. The deal helps solidify the company’s leading role in the Healthcare Real Estate Industry. The first contract is for $53.9 million and is to construct the St. Mary’s Janesville Hospital, a 160,000 [...]
  • GM to Cease Production at 4 Factories, Mulls Hummer Sale

    General Motors Corp. said Tuesday it would close four North American plants, amid a steep drop in U.S. sales of pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles as fuel prices continue to soar, increasing investment in smaller cars and passenger vehicles.
  • GM Shrinks Large Truck, SUV Segments, Will Cut 3,500 Jobs

    General Motors Corp., citing rising gas prices and a slowing economy, said on Monday it will cut back its production of large trucks and sport-utility vehicles at several plants, resulting in about 3,500 hourly employee job cuts.