• No. 1 Melbourne, Australia

    The World’s Most (And Least) Livable Cities In 2013

    American cities are nowhere to be found at the top of the 2013 list of the most livable cities in the world.
  • Syrian refugee beign treated by doctor

    UN And US Pledge More For Syrian Humanitarian Response

    The U.N. pledges $1.5 billion and the U.S. has promised $155 million more to aid Syrian refugees waiting in neighboring countries for the war to end.
  • Kuwait parliament

    Kuwaiti Protestors Storm Parliament [VIDEO]

    During a demonstration in Kuwait City on Wednesday night, dozens of protestors forced their way into Parliament to demand the removal of Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah.
  • China's oil imports from Kuwait hits new record

    Kuwait's General Administration of Customs on Tuesday said country's crude oil exports to China grew 17.8 percent in April to a record high of 1.081 million tons. In a report issued here it said the new figure is equal to 264,000 barrels per day. Kuwait provided 5.1 percent of China's total crude oil imports, compared with 5.7 percent in the same month of last year and 4.5 percent in March.
  • Buy The Rumour, Then Buy The Fact

    An all-time high of $1044.80 (some $11.00 above the March 2008 highs) in gold prices was recorded in hectic trading in New York today. Polled trading sources cited an amalgam of rumour-based US dollar weakness and Australia's surprise hike in interest rates, as the prime catalysts for the now historic spike in prices that followed yesterday's already robust move in values.
  • Kitcommentary from Kitco Metals Inc.

    An eighteen-month high of $1028.80 ($5.10 under the March 2008 high) in gold prices was recorded in trading ahead of the NY opening this morning. Polled sources cited an amalgam of dollar weakness and Australia's hike in interest rates as the prime catalysts for the spike in prices that followed yesterday's already robust move in values.
  • Kuwait financier facing U.S. fraud suit found dead

    A brash Kuwaiti financier facing a fraud suit by U.S. authorities was found dead Sunday in an apparent suicide that sent shockwaves through the Gulf Arab financial sector.
  • Kuwaiti financier sued by SEC over takeover hoaxes

    Securities regulators on Thursday sued a well-connected Kuwaiti financier whose investment firm is partly owned by Citigroup Inc , saying he reaped millions in suspicious profits after fraudulent takeover reports sent shares of two U.S. companies soaring.
  • U.S. retail lull means prep time for international expansion

    U.S. retail giants in home furnishings, food and clothing are expected to push into emerging markets such as Mexico, Brazil and China, once the U.S. economy and cash flows improve, executives said.
  • Arab leaders meeting over Gaza ends in discord

    On Tuesday Arab leaders met for the second and final day in its two day summit in Kuwait city with the aim of making a plan to rebuild Gaza.
  • Saudi Arabia will help rebuild Gaza by donating $1 billion

    On Monday the Saudi king said his country will donate $1 billion to help rebuild the Gaza Strip damaged severely by the Israeli offensive.
  • Kuwait s revenue reaches $63.6 bn

    Commodity Online KUWAIT CITY: The oil rich tiny gulf state of Kuwait on Tuesday announced that its revenue collection has reached a staggering $63.6 billion until February this fiscal.