• Britney Spears

    Britney Spears Racist? [VIDEO]

    Fans are accusing Britney Spears of being racist, after she made an offensive comment about Latinos.
  • Mexico Crime Emeteria Martinez Dec

    The Cost Of Crime In Latin America

    Despite economic development, crime still takes lives and dollars from Latin America on a daily basis.
  • Anonymous Hacks Christian Websites In Mexico: “POPE is not welcome, out out!!!!!”

    Anonymous Hispano, the Mexican branch of the online hacktivist collective based in Latin America lay siege to two Mexican websites on Tue, March 20 in protest of Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit in an cyber-operation referred to as #opFariseo (hypocrite) on Twitter. The hackers succeeded in temporarily knocking the websites offline and defacing them with their own message: Hacked system. The POPE is not welcome, out out!!!!!
  • New Mass Translation Has Catholics Confused Over Roman Missal

    For the first time in 40 years, Catholics the world over are reading a new translation of Mass, emphasizing the Latin roots and formal tone of the Roman missal (prayer book). See what's changed from the old services, prompting many churches to rely on cheat sheets as they adjust, and why some Catholics are up in arms about the new translation.
  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony on 4/22/10

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: A Seemingly Happy Couple [PHOTOS]

    This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters.It was a painful time for all involved, Lopez and Anthony said. Although their marriage is over, reports indicate that their reality show based in Latin America, Q'Viva!, will still go on. Both Jennifer and Mark are committed to the 'Q'Viva!' project and will work on it as planned. The show goes on! said a rep for XIV Entertainment. The reality TV project is in the likes ...
  • Taking the GMAT as a Non-Native English Speaker

    Non-Native English speakers have every right to find the verbal section of the GMAT daunting. While native English speakers certainly do have a natural edge, it is very possible for GMAT test-takers whose first language isn't English to overcome any disadvantages. Learn how.
  • Honduras to vote for new president amid coup crisis

    Honduras chooses a new president on Sunday in an election that may defuse a crisis caused by a coup against President Manuel Zelaya, but the vote is splitting Washington and Latin America.