• Nepal and the Sino-Indian Rivalry

    The inevitable passing of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, the radicalization of the Tibetan diaspora and the fervor of the international campaign to free Tibet are bound to keep the Himalayan dispute on the world's front pages. Many Nepalese recognize that an independent Tibet would leave their country without a border with China. They believe such a situation would allow India to tighten its grip.
  • A Tibetan woman living in Nepal is comforted by a friend as she cries during a hunger strike in Kathmandu

    Tibetan Nun Self-Immolates to Protest Chinese Rule

    A total of nine Tibetan clergy have now set themselves alight this year – seven in just the last month.
  • Ten of the World's Most Religious Cities

    Religion plays a large important role in the lives of many people in the world. It can unite and bring peace and harmony to large groups, but it can also cause anger, strife, and long-lasting, deadly wars.