• Baby For Sale: India‚Äôs Child Abduction Epidemic

    Sixty thousand children are reported missing every year in India, and more than two-thirds of them are never found.
  • Facebook

    Baby Sold On Facebook: Grandfather Sells 3-Day-Old After Telling Daughter Her Child Was Dead

    A baby was almost sold through Facebook because his grandfather wanted to arrange a second marriage for his daughter.
  • Nine More Kabaddi Players Tagged in Doping Sweep

    Nine more kabaddi players have tested positive for banned substances during trials for next month's World Cup, pushing the number of failed tests up to 19 when combined with earlier results, the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) has said.
  • India's food grains prices remain steady

    The prices of wheat, rice and sugar remained steady during the last week in India, said state run prices movement observer, the Department of Consumer Affairs on Tuesday. According to data released by the Department of Consumer Affairs, prices of wheat and rice remained steady at most of the reporting centres. Prices of wheat decreased at Ludhiana and Rajkot and increased at Jammu, Mumbai and Chennai.
  • Fashion-Apparel Beat:Cadmium in jewelry scare

    The Associated Press story on cadmium in Miley Cyrus jewelry has created a scare about adverse health effects of jewelry in both children and adults. However, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Trade Association (FJATA) has come out against the story stating that the agency has relied on private testing conducted by Prof Jeffrey Weidenhamer which they are not willing to share with FJATA.
  • Indian Market Rallies For 2nd Straight Session

    Encouraging news flow on the earnings front, positive sentiment in Europe for the third straight day and finance minister Pranab Mukherjee's talk about disinvestment in PSU's and assurance that India will return to a path of fiscal prudence, lifted the Indian market sharply up on Wednesday for the second day in a row.
  • Nasscom-Kearney study on IT-BPO industry identifies small cities with big potential

    Nasscom or National Association of Software and Services Companies, the consortium that serves as the apex body of the Indian IT software and BPO industry, together with global management consulting firm AT Kearney has released a comprehensive assessment report of 50 locations in India suitable for the IT - BPO industry titled 'Location Roadmap For IT- BPO Growth: Assessment Of 50 Leading Cities.'
  • India Inc. Lauds Populist Railway Budget

    India Inc. has praised Indian Railways' passenger-centric budget that was unveiled Tuesday, calling it a mix of populism and pragmatism.