• Apple store 2012

    Can Apple Never Touch $700 Again?

    With Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) having slid almost $250 from its $700-level perches, investment specialist Howard Gold was not giving the iPhone maker much chance of reclaiming those levels. The columnist wrote at Minyanville that with tailwinds having turned into headwinds, Apple’s “competitive position [had] seriously weakened.” The company had lost its mantle of being the greatest growth stock of this era and may no longer even be a growth stock, Gold added. He gave four reasons for why he thought Apple’s stock would never see $700 again.
  • Gold and Silver Report - The Waiting Game

    Gold regained nearly half of Wednesday's $60 loss in value overnight as overseas traders tentatively entered the market in the hope that short-term gains were in the cards. The overall mood developing in the markets- as well as among central bankers apparently - is one where waiting is taking precedence over aggressive action.
  • Death Dance

    Good Morning, The lowest price in three month, achieved after Tuesday's brutal sell-off, lured some price-conscious Indian buyers back to the bazaars overnight. It might even turn out to be the case that July's gold sales in India end up being the best of the year thus far. As we have often noted, it is [almost all] about price, when it comes to that demand (that, and the calendar, but in that order).
  • Truth in Numbers

    A further gain in the US dollar overnight prompted losses in the commodities sector as some of the speculators who had been crowding the relatively small driver's seat opted to bail and take a position a bit further back on the runaway dollar-carry train. Gold, other precious metals, and oil, fell, but not by very much. Ditto, the base metals.
  • First Time Home Buyers and Investors Dominate the Housing Market

    Via Calculated Risk blog, some examples of how dependent the market is on first time home buyers and investors.  Now that we have a new (and improved) tax credit of $6500 rolling through Congress to the move up buyers we'll see if government can incentivize that class to start daytrading home...
  • Tax Credit as Mortgage Down Payment Now Official Federal Government Policy

    I've become numb a long time ago ... but seeing these programs and solutions one after the other is simply.... I don't have words.
  • A.I. Garamba!

    Asian equities rallied an average of 3% overnight, boosted by perceptions of incipient signs of a recovery in the global economy.
  • I Have A Bon(us) to Pick With You

    Gold prices continued their light retrenching on Monday, as investors cautiously diverted some funds into equities following determined statements from various G-20 summit attendees in Brighton.
  • The Absent- (of Dogma)- Minded Professor

    An overnight easing in gold prices was noted in Asian markets as investors cautiously diverted some funds into equities following determined statements from various G-20 summit attendees in Brighton.
  • Manipulation ! Intervention!

    Gold prices turned a 2% overnight loss into a 2% daytime gain on Thursday. After having reached a low of $870.90 in the wee hours
  • Lance Lewis, principal of Lewis Capital

    Minyanville - Today, the only way the U.S. can intervene in the currency markets is if foreign central banks intervene for them and support the dollar by printing up their own currency and buying dollars (or through swaps allowing the U.S. to do so). Either way, foreign central banks have to be willing to accept more of the inflationary burden for them to do this, since their currency would weaken against the dollar. However, inflation would remain the same and therefore worsen from the foreign central bank's standpoint due to their own currency's depreciation vs. the dollar.
  • Time for the Miners to Shine?

    A broader range and added volatility were the main features in the gold markets overnight, as crude oil vaulted past $135 per barrel but the dollar changed course and briefly recaptured the 72 mark on the index. The greenback rallied
  • Don't Turn Blue

    Fresh three-month lows of just above $860 were set in bullion prices overnight as decent physical offtake was negated by long liquidation ahead of today's Fed rate decision. A combination of weak euro zone sentiment and a greenback