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    Drug Tunnels Discovered Between US And Mexico

    Mexican and American officials made three big tunnel busts this week. Two are run by an unlikely suspect.
  • Drug Smuggling Tunnel Found on U.S.-Mexico Border [PHOTOS]

    Drug Smuggling Tunnel Found on U.S.-Mexico Border [PHOTOS]

    In what appears to be the latest in a spate of illegal passageways found on the U.S.-Mexico border in recent days, border police in Nogales, Arizona, uncovered yet another drug smuggling tunnel.
  • U.S. names ex-Justice official as U.S.-Mexican border czar

    The Obama administration on Wednesday named a former U.S. Justice Department official who was border czar during Bill Clinton's presidency to lead its efforts to crack down on drug-related violence along the U.S.-Mexican border.
  • U.S. border virtual fence to be delayed: report

    Technical problems have forced the Bush administration to retool a high-tech virtual fence along the U.S.-Mexico border and will delay the first phase for at least three years, the Washington Post reported on Thursday. There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States, many from Mexico. Immigration is a highly charged topic and a major issue in the campaign for November's presidential election.