• Foreign rescue teams leave quake-hit Indonesia city

    Relief workers struggled to reach Indonesian quake survivors still without food or shelter a week after the disaster, while foreign rescue teams packed up their high-tech equipment on Wednesday and prepared to pull out.
  • Helicopters drop aid to Indonesia quake survivors

    Health workers doused the Indonesian city of Padang with disinfectant to ward off disease outbreaks and helicopters dropped aid to survivors six days after a devastating earthquake
  • Some schools reopen in quake-hit Indonesia city

    Markets reopened and some children attended school in the earthquake-shattered city of Padang on Monday, but inland villages engulfed by landslides were to be left as mass graves to focus on getting aid to survivors.
  • Indonesia prepares for mass burial of quake dead

    Indonesians dug a pit for a mass burial in the earthquake shattered city of Padang on Sunday, while in nearby hills villagers with wooden hoes clawed in the mud in a near-hopeless search for hundreds entombed by landslides.
  • Indonesia quake obliterates villages, aid needed

    Rescue teams pushed deeper into Indonesia's earthquake-hit Sumatra on Saturday, finding entire villages obliterated by landslides and survivors desperate for aid three days after the tremor.
  • Thousands feared dead after Indonesia quake

    Rescue teams struggled on Thursday to reach scores of people trapped under debris and survivors pleaded for aid after a powerful quake hit the Indonesian city of Padang, possibly killing thousands.
  • Indonesia quake kills 75, thousands trapped

    A powerful earthquake struck off the city of Padang on Indonesia's Sumatra island Wednesday, killing at least 75 people and trapping thousands under rubble, officials said.
  • Indonesia quake kills 21, thousands trapped

    A powerful earthquake struck off the city of Padang on Indonesia's Sumatra island on Wednesday, killing at least 21 people and trapping thousands under rubble, an official said.
  • Tsunami warning issued after quake hits Sumatra

    A powerful earthquake measuring 8.2 struck Indonesia's Sumatra region on Wednesday, triggering tsunami warnings in the Indian Ocean and sparking panic in coastal areas across southeast Asia.