• Parsing The Politics Of Beauty In Malaysia

    Global beauty pageants make for strange contests, where pop culture and patriotism can often prove a volatile mix.
  • Silversea Cruises Mumbai Adventure

    Chocolate-eyed children running barefoot. Women draped in bright-orange and hot pink saris, brightening dusty gray streets. Horns honking endlessly, from chauffeur-driven Bentleys to taxis held together with spit and glue. The heat. Broiling us like well-done steaks. And crowded into every inch,
  • 8 Old Colonial Hotels You Can Still Stay In

    Remnants of a bygone world, these colonial memorials are places of nostalgic luxury where century-old traditions are preserved with meticulous care. Their Victorian flavour is reminiscent of Agatha Christie stories (actually, the famous writer stayed in some of them herself).
  • Dell now 'Made in India'

    Dell Inc., the world’s second largest personal computer maker, has rolled out its first desktop computer from its new plant at Sriperumbudur near Chennai this week, thereby making India the third country in Asia Pacific, after China and Malaysia, to manufacture its range of desktop computers and notebooks outside of the US.