• Latino demonstrators protest outside the White House during a May Day march in Washington, May 1, 2009.

    Alabama Immigration Law: Thousands of Hispanic Children Skip School After Law is Upheld

    More than 2,000 Hispanic students in Alabama missed school on Monday following a judge's decision to uphold the state's strict immigration law, which requires schools to verify the citizenship status of their students.
  • Sarah Palin's got Ohio on her mind

    POLITICO (Washington) - Sarah Palin's political action committee has been selective and strategic in its donations to candidates over the past six months, but if money is any indication of where her heart lies, her political loyalties can be traced to Ohio. While SarahPAC has devoted just 5 percent of its total expenditures over that period to fellow GOP colleagues, four of the 17 candidates Palin contributed to hail from Ohio — the state where she held by far the most presidential campaign ...
  • Economists: Jobs fix won't be quick

    President Barack Obama's job-creation program could produce a short-term political boost, but it's unlikely to significantly stem job losses and reduce the unemployment rate anytime soon, according to economists.
  • Obama pivots to jobs as key theme

    President Barack Obama on Friday is making his promised hard pivot to jobs, following up the morning's release of December unemployment figures with an East Room announcement at 2:40 p.m. ET about stimulus dollars going to clean-tech jobs.