• Astra's Brilinta wins early backing in guidelines

    AstraZeneca's new blood-thinning drug Brilinta has been given a class 1 recommendation as a treatment option under European medical guidelines, even though it has yet to be approved for sale.
  • Gene testing war looms for AstraZeneca heart drug

    Gene testing is shaping up to be a marketing battleground for new blood thinners like AstraZeneca's Brilinta, underscoring the power and limitations of genetics as a tool to predict medical outcomes.
  • Plavix works in men and women, with differences

    The popular blood-thinner Plavix prevents heart attacks and strokes in both women and men, but the benefits differ slightly by gender, U.S. researchers said on Monday.
  • Astra drug beats Plavix without major bleed risk

    AstraZeneca's new pill Brilinta for preventing heart attacks works better than Plavix, the world's second biggest selling drug, without increasing the amount of life-threatening bleeding, researchers said on Sunday.