• Spanish Repsol's Chairman Antonio Brufauof, left, Venezuela's Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez, center, and Italian ENI CEO Paolo Scaroni attend an agreement-signing ceremony at the headquarters of the state-run oil company PDVSA in Caracas on Dec

    Natural-Gas Deal Designed to Boost Generation of Power in Venezuela

    As natural-gas prices plunge to their lowest level in a decade, Venezuela plans to tap one of Latin America's biggest gas fields as it seeks to boost power generation and even help revive stagnant oil production.
  • Chavez threatens to oust Toyota

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has threatened to expel Japanese carmaker Toyota unless it produces an all-terrain model of 4x4 vehicles used for public transport in poor and rural areas.
  • Quito Local Attractions - Quito, Ecuador

    When I think of Quito, I think of a great chaotic blend of humble abodes and towering financial structures and apartments built atop uneven contours of a verdant valley.