• Augsburg Has Got Their Groove Back

    Relegation threatened Bavarian club Augsburg seem to have found the winning formula in the second half of the season. It was almost looking like a foregone conclusion that they would be going down at the end of the season, but history is repeating itself again as they are suddenly showing some signs resilience. By December they had only amassed a total of 9 points together with fellow bottom placedd SG Furth. The team is now playing with so much confidence that they are winning games away from home. Victories over Dusseldorf, Werder Bremen and Hamburg has announced their presence and sent message to other teams that they are not in the league to make the numbers. They are still currently five point adrift from Dusseldorf but if their recent form is anything to consider, they seem capable of not just avoiding relegation but have respectable finish at the end of the season.
  • Bundesliga's Japanese Revolution

    The influx of Japanese stars such as Shinji Kagawa has changed Bundesliga for the better.