• iOS 6 Adoption Rate Soars Following Google Maps Release

    There has been a 29 percent increase in unique iOS 6 users in the short week since Google Maps was reinstated on iOS.
  • Google+ Traffic Plummets: Is The Social Network Doomed?

    A new report reveals that Google+ has lost about 60 percent of its traffic gained after opening to the public in September. Can Google+ survive against Facebook?
  • Leonard Green buying BJ's Wholesale Club for $2.8 billion

    Wholesale Club War: BJ's vs. Costco

    Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners have agreed to buy BJ's Wholesale Club for $2.8 billion. The move is expected to pit BJ's in more direct competition against Costco in the wholesale club wars as the firms push BJ's, in only 15 states to growth.
  • Boston-area housing market rises with economic tide

    Boston-area real estate demand has seen a resurgence as buyers show increased confidence about the economy and job security, real estate professionals and economists say.
  • Lehman bust highlights analyst group-think disease

    All of Wall Street's bank analysts were caught out by Lehman's collapse -- and few have redeemed themselves since. Just a handful have dared to issue a buy on bank stocks that have surged since March -- after they all failed to slap that sell on Lehman Brothers before it went bust a year ago.
  • BofA TARP payment splits analysts

    Reports that Bank of America Corp (BAC.N) is in talks with the U.S. Treasury to repay $20 billion of its federal bailout was met by the market with joy -- and a little skepticism.
  • BofA and Citi need capital

    Regulators have told Bank of America Corp it needs $34 billion of capital to withstand a deep economic downturn, as the U.S. government prepares to release results of industrywide stress tests.
  • Morgan Stanley profit beats estimates

    Morgan Stanley on Wednesday said its second-quarter profit rose 40 percent, trouncing expectations as most of its trading and investment-banking businesses achieved record results.
  • Rising Rates Tempt Investors Into Cash

    Offering yields not seen in years, savings accounts, certificates of deposits and money market funds are enticing investors rattled by the recent gyrations in stocks and bonds.