• Michele Bachmann

    Bachmann's Iran Embassy Flub: GOP Candidate's Top 10 Gaffes [VIDEO]

    Michele Bachmann had yet another oops moment on Nov. 30 when she argued that she would remove the U.S. embassy from Iran if she were president. The problem? America hasn't had an embassy in Iran since 1980. Here, watch the GOP presidential hopeful's top ten gaffes, from her confusion about Libya to the founding fathers.
  • Rick Perry

    Rick Perry Says Voting Age is 21, 10 Other Funny Gaffes (VIDEOS)

    In a speech at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., on Tuesday, Rick Perry seemed to mix up the voting and drinking ages -- not to mention the date of the coming election. It was a slip of the tongue, not a substantive gaffe -- nobody really thinks Perry doesn't know the voting age -- but it was one of many YouTube-worthy moments of the Republican primary race.