• Pirates Attack Two Ships Off Nigeria

    Nine crew members were kidnapped from two different ships in two separate pirate attacks off the coast of Nigeria last week.
  • The Best Snack Cities Of China

    Here's a list of 15 cities in China with the best streetside snack food.
  • Man deported from Canada admits crimes: China

    Man deported from Canada admits crimes: China

    China's most wanted man, who was deported from Canada in July after a decades-long legal battle, has admitted to his crimes and will now be handed over to prosecutors, state media reported on Friday.
  • Man deported from Canada admits crimes: China

    China's former fugitive arrested in Beijing

    Former Chinese fugitive, Mr Lai was immediately arrested after landing in Beijing on Saturday, he had been put on a Beijing-bound Air Canada flight from Vancouver Friday after a court cleared the way Thursday for his extradition
  • China to offer 4G services by 2012

    China will wrap up large-scale testing of fourth generation mobile communication network, TD-LTE and will put its mobile services to commercial application as an attempt to create a competitive edge for homegrown telecom equipment producers.
  • China safety chief urges staff: don't lose heart

    China's product safety chief has urged his officials not to be discouraged by current global concern about Chinese goods, but warned them in the same pep talk their jobs may be at risk if they don't perform up to scratch.
  • Dell now 'Made in India'

    Dell Inc., the world’s second largest personal computer maker, has rolled out its first desktop computer from its new plant at Sriperumbudur near Chennai this week, thereby making India the third country in Asia Pacific, after China and Malaysia, to manufacture its range of desktop computers and notebooks outside of the US.