Today, CitySide Tickets, Inc. announced that it has launched a nationally televised advertising campaign to generate broad consumer awareness of its website. A nationwide event ticket purchasing venue that caters to a diverse selection of popular theater, music, and sporting events, the website offers admission to thousands of events across the country.

In the next three weeks, more than 500 30-second commercials will air on national cable news channels, including CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg and FOX News, among others. This televised ad campaign will highlight the benefits of purchasing tickets through CitySidetickets.com as well as make consumers aware that they can sell their own tickets through the site.

Using an easy online form and offering a few bits of information, customers can set their own price and sell their event tickets via CitySide Tickets in a matter of minutes. In addition to a wide selection of concert and theater events, featuring top name performers and popular shows, CitySide Tickets, Inc. also offers a wide selection of sporting events including major NBA Basketball, NFL Football, NHL Hockey events, Major League Baseball, and NASCAR events.

The national advertising campaign is anticipated to be seen by more than 8 million people. Company CEO Michael DeAmicis commented, “CitySide Tickets, Inc. is proud to be at such a point in our business strategy that we are able to produce these 30-second spots and capture the attention of millions of potential buyers and sellers. By providing a ticket sales venue for the average person, we believe that this truly sets us apart from our competitors. With just a few clicks of their mouse they can buy or sell event tickets any time – day or night.”

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