CitySide Tickets Inc., owner and operator of CitySidetickets.com, was launched from the entrepreneurial spirit of CEO Michael DeAmicis, who spent his teenage years selling extra tickets to Boston Red Sox games outside Fenway Park.

In 2002, DeAmicis turned his first job into a career, creating and running CitySide Tickets out of his home; he eventually opened shop right next to Fenway Park, what turned out to be the perfect location for business.

“Through this experience I realized there was a lot of money to be made in the ticket business,” DeAmicis told TicketNews in a recent interview.

DeAmicis said between 50 percent and 60 percent of his business comes from walk-ins; however, the company’s new national marketing campaign will target the acquisition of smaller ticketing companies with the hopes of cross-country expansion and introduction into bigger ticketing markets.

The company recently announced its acquisition of smaller ticketing brokers, including StadiumSeats.com. The goal is to become an active competitor to ticket giant, StubHub.

While CitySide works on the logistics behind the scenes, its position as a publicly traded company steals the show. It not only leverages the company to roll with the ebbs of the economy, but also enables it to offset costs of purchase through stock offerings and use its capital on inventory acquisitions, which means more tickets and more business.

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