CitySide Tickets, Inc., which owns and operates www.CitySidetickets.com, a nationwide event ticket purchasing venue that caters to a diverse selection of popular theater, music, and sporting events, this morning before the bell announced that CEO Michael DeAmicis was recently featured on the MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) Radio Show with longtime entrepreneurs Rick Brutti and Jeffrey Davis.

Broadcasting on Sunday mornings on WBNW 1120 in Needham, MA and live over the internet, the show provides advice, information and connections for entrepreneurs, service providers and established companies. A full recording of the March 28, 2010 edition of “Mind Your Own Business,” which featured Mr. DeAmicis as the first guest, can be found on the show’s website under the recordings section at http://www.myobtheradioshow.com.

Topics discussed on the show include CitySide’s entrance into the public markets, the company’s expansion plans for the future, the recent advertising campaign that aired on national cable news channels, including CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg and FOX News, negotiations currently taking place to expand to an additional Boston location, and the lucrative opportunities that exist within the ticket industry.

During the 15 minute interview, show hosts Rick Brutti and Jeffrey Davis questioned Mr. DeAmicis on the topic of acquisitions. Mr. DeAmicis stated, “I’m looking toward the future. I see a lot of hope in this whole industry. The ticket business is recession-proof. We’re taking it to the next level. We are in discussions on another location, which I can’t say too much about right now. But we’re in discussions with a major sporting venue.”

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