CitySide Tickets, Inc., owner and operator of www.CitySidetickets.com, a nationwide event ticket purchasing venue that caters to a diverse selection of popular theater, music, and sporting events, this morning announced that Mr. Marshall Sterman has joined the company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Marshall Sterman has worked closely with The Mayflower Group, a Boston based merchant bank, Croesus Capital, a consulting firm for institutional investors, and Sterman & Gowell, an investment banking and securities firm. His fifty year career spans originating, mentoring, and financing both start-up and early stage ventures. He has served as a Director for the Boards of several high profile companies including WiFiMed, Medical Solutions Management, Aquamer Medical, and Allied First Class Partners.

Mr. Sterman will help guide the Company as it seeks out financial avenues for further advancement and gain the attention of the investment community. CEO Michael DeAmicis said, “We are proud to add Marshall Sterman to our Board of Directors. His experience will be invaluable as we move forward with our business plan. To take advice from someone who has been there and back is a treasured asset to our firm. With his expertise, we can plan appropriately and avoid common financial pitfalls that often plague early stage businesses. This next year will be extremely exciting for CitySide Ticket, Inc. as we gain our foothold on the secondary ticket industry.”

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