The whole point of owning a Class C RV is to travel around. However, with the increasing gas prices many RV lovers are wondering how they can adapt. They love their RV but are not sure how to fit that in with the new gas prices. There is hope and we will show you how.

Stay-cations RV Style
With the rising gas prices, many families opted for stay-cations. This is fine for those who do not love the great outdoors and the freedom that a motor home brings, but what about those of us that do? Are we destined to stay at home and let our beloved RV sit?

The answer is a resounding NO! No matter where you live, there are places to go near home. Instead of traveling hundreds of miles out of town, look for parks closer to home. Search for National Parks in your state and you might just find a place you did not know existed.

Additionally, you can return to a campground you have not been to in a while. Revisiting local haunts can bring back old memories and rekindle relationships.

The More the Merrier
Class C and Class A motor homes often hold more people than you think. You may be used to going out alone but taking along another couple could be fun. Combining vacations with good friends will increase the fun and decrease the gas price.

If your friends own a RV too, then you can take a trip in one this time and switch for the next trip. Both couples just might learn something new and bring it back to their own RV.

If your friends don't have an RV, then it is high time for them to learn the joys. You can share the fun of traveling in your own home on wheels. You never know. They just might get the RV bug.

Make the Most Out of Travel
When you get right down to it, Class A and Class C RV owners are going to have to drive less. This can mean either going on fewer trips or not going as far. Whatever the choice, RV owners are not going to give up on their RVs. What it does mean is they will make the most of their travel time. When gas prices stabilize, they will be ready to pack up and head out again.