Claudiae, from sought-after Miami-based designer Claudia Estrada, is a

luxury best known for its colorful prints and easy to wear style.

With a collection that features an array of wearable styles for any

body type, it is easy to see why Claudiae is hit with fashion-loving

women. Claudiae is composed of dresses, tops, pants and leggings as

well as one-pieces, in soft fabrics like silk jerseys, cotton sateen,

and silk chiffons.

Born in Ecuador, Claudia has traveled the world in the pursuit of

fashion, landing in Miami, where she opened her much loved and renowned

boutique, Toff, which features an assortment of luxury fashions from

the world's best known designers. Claudiae is Claudia's own aesthetic,

which is inspired by old costume books as well as color. Once Claudiae

has found the perfect shade, she then selects a fabric to create

comfortable, yet stylish clothing.Claudiae: For the Fashion Forward

Since starting her own line in the Fall of 2006, Claudiae has been a

favorite in high-end clothing boutiques around the country, from Planet

Blue in Malibu, CA to Nirvana in Redbank, New Jersey.

The current Claudiae collection for Fall 2009 features gleaming bold

prints. Minis as well as strapless jumpers, feature the designer's

favorite hues of silver and a smattering of turquoise. Each design is

bold enough to be left unaccessorized or not, depending on the buyer's

personal taste.

For the woman who knows what she likes and can put together her own ensemble, Claudiae is the perfect fit.