width=263Claudiae, from Miami-based designer Claudia Estrada is Fresh and Flirty. Originally from Ecuador, Claudia has traveled around the world in the name of fashion. She eventually settled in Miami, where she opened the fashion-forward boutique, Toff, which features an assortment of luxury fashions from the world's best-known designers.

Claudiae is the fashionista's own line, featuring her own aesthetic, which favors shimmering fabrics, bold prints, and surprise details. The newest offering from Claudiae is Fresh and Flirty, combining feminine colors and bold prints. Claudie is as wearable as it is stunning.

Combining textures and prints, the collection offers textured leggings, loose tunics and blouses as well as the season's latest retro throwback, the romper. Ankle-length pant rompers are an easy, stylish wear that are as flirtatious as they are comfortable. The vibrant colors, accessorized by heavy jewelry, would catch glances while strolling through Miami's candy-colored boulevards.

The minis are versatile from season to season when paired with leggings and offer various options for day or night. The entire collection is feminine and fun, emphasizing the waist, with drawstring ties or belts as well as drop waists and high-waisted options. For yet another collection, Claudiae showcases ease of wear and comfort with a fashion-forward bend.