Clayton Homes, the largest manufacturer of modular homes in the U.S.,
officially introduced its i-house (or ihome) which is perhaps the most
affordable option for a low-carbon lifestyle at the moment.

The i-house features all
the amenities required to reduce consumer’s carbon footprint and has a
monthly energy cost of only under $70. The house is said to be 30% more
energy efficient than the traditional.

Clayton Homes officially introduced its ihomes at Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting over the weekend.

are two versions of the ihome: the 723-square-foot i-house which costs
$74,900 and the 1,023-square-foot i-house II which costs $93,300). It
comes with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Both the houses are
modular, meaning mobile, so they can be configured in at least seven
different ways depending on three flex structures and different sizes
of porches.

Kevin Clayton, the company's chief executive officer,
said the i-house will change the way people look at our products - and
housing in general.

We build these homes in a controlled
environment away from the weather, so there's a huge quality benefit
simply because of how we build a home, he said in a statement.

also have far less scrap in our building process than a traditional
home, so there are tremendous cost savings we pass along to the

The homes it feature solar panels, a rainwater
catchment system, high-end “low e” windows, a tank less water heater,
low-flow faucets, easily renewable bamboo flooring among other
energy-saving features.

Popular Mechanics says the i-house looks
like a house you'd order from IKEA, sounds like something designed by
Apple and consists of amenities--solar panels, tankless water heaters
and rainwater collectors--that one would expect to come from an offbeat
green company out of California selling to a high-end market.