Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc., a company that engages in the design, marketing, and licensing of technologies and solutions that reduce harmful emissions from internal combustion engines, recently announced that it has been chosen by Fisker Automotive, an American manufacturer of the very first plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with extended range, as a catalyst supplier. Clean Diesel is supplying catalysts using its patented mixed phase catalyst (MPC®) technology for Fisker’s new luxury sedan, Karma, which will start its shipments to both U.S. and European retailers this month.

With a price that ranges from $95,800 to $108,000, the Karma brings forth world-class style and performance with the lowest emissions amongst electric vehicles with extended range. In accordance to Fisker, this is the world’s very first true Electric Vehicle with extended range (“EVer™”). Clean Diesel began catalyst shipments to Fisker in the first quarter ended March 31, 2011.

“This is a new developing market for Clean Diesel; we are proud that Fisker has chosen us as the exclusive catalyst supplier for the highly innovative Karma, a vehicle we believe will set new standards for environmental sustainability and accountability,” said Charles Call, Chief Executive Officer of Clean Diesel. “Clean Diesel has long been active in the research and development of more cost-effective solutions for automotive catalytic converters as emission standards around the world continue to tighten. Through this ongoing process, our team has developed proprietary and patented catalyst technology for state-of-the-art gasoline engines that meet Fisker’s high performance standards,” added Mr. Call.

Bernhard Koehler, Chief Operating Officer of Fisker said, “The launch of the Fisker Karma is a breakthrough in the important new class of high performance electric vehicles with extended range – demonstrating innovation in design and engineering. The choice of Clean Diesel as the catalyst supplier allows us to access the best-in-class emissions control technology.”

The increased pressure on the fuel economy has led to several innovative powertrain options such as hybrid, expanded use of turbo-chargers, and gasoline direct injection. Clean Diesel provides for a wide range of fully-developed products to meet newer, higher performance requirements at reduced precious metal levels. Also, the design versatility of Clean Diesel’s MPC® technology facilitates the sustainable utilization of precious resources, while allowing the customers to meet rapidly changing and evolving emission control requirements with full confidence.

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