Clean Power Technologies Inc. (CPWE.OB) develops hybrid fuel technology and alternative fuel, applicable for a wide range of vehicles – from trains to light cars. The company’s cutting-edge technology and broad spectrum of applications recently earned it the Innovation in Business award at the Sussex Express Business Awards February 20, 2009.

“We are extremely proud to have won the award for Business Innovation, Clean Power’s first. This accolade reflects the tremendous efforts of our scientific, management and marketing teams; it will add further to Clean Power’s reputation as a leading developer of hybrid fuel technology,” Abdul Mitha, president and CEO of Clean Power, stated in the press release.

The company’s proprietary technology, Clean Energy Storage and Recovery (CESAR) system, reduces pollution by taking heat from the exhaust (which is usually wasted) of a conventional combustion engine, and transforming it into clean power.

When tested on a Caterpillar C15 diesel engine, CESAR performed with a 40 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, as well as significantly reduced emission levels.

“Whilst based on a traditional form of energy, steam, Our CESAR technology is truly innovative and I am very pleased that this has been recognized by our local community. The science behind our hybrid system was initially developed at Sussex University and many of our talented employees are from the region. This award is a testament to their dedication to, and vision for, a local business that has the capacity to overturn the environmental and economic performance of petrol and diesel powered engines,” Mitha stated.

While Clean Power Technologies’ products were recognized at the Sussex Business Awards, its technology is also gaining reputation in the marketplace. The company has secured cooperative research and development agreements with one of the nation’s largest grocery chains, freight haulage companies and international engineering corporations to utilize its fuel technology.