Upscale Home Appliances: Although it may take a moment or so to work up some lather over household appliances, these machines are very significant pieces to maintaining an upscale lifestyle. Granted such duties generally are delegated to a household staff or even the youngsters of a residence, as it is never too early to instill a responsible work ethic -- or at least get some of your hard-earned money back for paying those exorbitant cell phone bills filled with text messages that teenagers cannot resist sending. Somehow these mundane chores need to be handled in mansions, penthouses, chalets, villas, and yachts, too. 

Whether such duties are handled personally or delegated, you simply cannot keep a 10,000 square-foot residence clean with the same type of machinery used in average-size dwellings. When is the last time you saw a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley Azure parked outside of a commercial Laundromat at a strip mall?width=368

With custom programmable systems designed to accommodate the laundering of a wide range of items, such as comforters, wools, fine cotton sheets, towels and even horse blankets, Miele is finding homes for its high-end products in large estates, yachts, equestrian farms, personal barns and family-owned inns and bed-and-breakfasts retreats. That is why smart washers and dryers, such as Miele's Professional for the home line appeals to a wide range of clients, according to Dan McDougall, Miele's professional director of business development.

Our large capacity commercial washers and dryers can handle any cleaning need, but we also offer our Little Giant's -- a stackable, small foot print commercial cleaning set -- a great solution for client's who are space-challenged. These are a big hit with yacht owners, stated McDougall.

The Miele Professional line features the Honeycomb Drum, which is a convex patterned stainless-steel drum that enhances cleaning performance and reduces fabric wear. An independent study conducted by Wfk Applied Laundry Research Institute in Krefeld, Germany, showed garments washed in the Honeycomb Drum to be cleaner and last up to four times longer than garments washed in a traditional drum.

Although the appearance of the units is quite complementary from a décor point of view to any laundry room, the real attraction is functionalism. These washers are so valuable, and, yes, expensive, because of convenience and ease of use. One load at a time, these innovative machines are cleaning up in luxury households across America.