CleanTech Innovations, Inc., – a US-based leader in the rapidly growing Chinese market for technologies which ameliorate air pollution and energy consumption concerns with its innovative pressure vessels, bellow expansion joints and wind towers, broke the word of its application to list the Company’s common stock on the NASDAQ today.

Chairman and CEO of CleanTech, Ms. Bei Lu, pledged circumspect adherence to protocols and the full faith and cooperation of the Company in working with NASDAQ listing staff members towards an expedient approval.

Ms. Bei Lu called the move to NASDAQ a “natural progression for CleanTech”, which has seen solid organic growth via the sound implementation of masterful corporate governance practices, robust day-to-day operational activity, and strong fundamentals based firmly on the foundation of a highly profitable business model.

With an established reputation in the emerging clean technology product space for manufacturing reliable, high-performance components which promote the generation of renewable energy, reduce environmentally damaging outputs, and increase energy efficiency (thereby affecting an enhanced net positive impact), CleanTech is well-positioned to capitalize on its status.

Known throughout the wind power, coke production/steel coking, petrochemical and high-voltage electrical transmission/thermoelectric industries as a reliable local (China) supplier, CleanTech’s suite of advanced products have a clear strategic advantage in a market dominated by coal power seeking to adapt to air pollution:

• Wind Turbine Towers – structural support for turbine and nacelle/blades, increasingly robust uptake due to resource scarcity and the need for localized energy production, also seen as a powerful means of offsetting the negative environmental impact of traditional energy production

• Bellow Expansion Joints – key element of any pipeline system in the coking, steel and utility sectors, designed specifically for the energy-saving and pollution-reducing Coke Dry Quenching (CDQ) systems, which are able to recycle exhaust heat in metallurgical coke production that are being rolled out all across China

• Pressure Vessels – customized, thick-walled, Class III vessels for chemical storage, fluid heat exchange, reactors for industrial processes, and separators that are widely sought throughout the high-GDP industrial development cycle of the Chinese market, where stringent requirements make CleanTech a favored provider

A major player in the projected USD$250B (2010) Chinese wind infrastructure market, and a supplier of wind turbine towers to China’s top five utilities, CleanTech is poised to grow alongside the market, which is slated to increase 1153%, from 26 to 300 gigawatts, by 2020.

China is making huge moves to transform its energy infrastructure and CleanTech is ideally positioned to generate returns as its core business model expands due to seemingly unyielding demand.