Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc. is a leading innovator of eco-friendly Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), lamps, and commercial lighting products. ClearLite’s newest offering, ArmorLite™ SAFETY ECO CFL™, helps capture broken glass and mercury. The Company has strategic partnerships with major global manufacturers as well as cost-effective sales and logistics channels with offices in Florida, Illinois, California, and Canada.

The Company’s current line of CFLs is Energy Star® qualified and designed to meet RoHS standards (Reduction of Hazardous Substances). They are also UL approved in the United States and Canada. Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc.’s products are for the retail and industrial/commercial markets in the United States and Canada. ClearLite sells their products under the ClearLite® brand and private label names. In addition to CFL bulbs and lamps, ClearLite will soon introduce a line of Dimmable CFL, CCFL, Fluorescent, Energy Saver Halogen and LEDs.

Earlier this month, Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc. announced that their Full Spectrum Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) are now available on ClearLite’s eco-friendly CFLs give bright, natural light. The Company designed them to meet RoHS standards. They use a lead-free ECO base and solid mercury amalgam instead of the more potentially hazardous liquid mercury found in many other CFLs.

Today, Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc. announced that they have become an official lighting supplier of the Nationwide Marketing Group. This enterprise has more than 3,000 members operating approximately 8,000 storefronts with combined annual sales of $12 billion. Nationwide Marketing Group is the largest buying group of independent appliance, electronics, and furniture dealers in the U.S.

“By becoming an official lighting supplier of the Nationwide Marketing Group, ClearLite reaches its 3,000 members that use the network to buy high quality merchandise they can sell at competitive prices around the United States, and Canada,” said Thomas Irvine, president and CEO of ClearLite.