Yesterday, Clear Skies Solar, Inc. announced that they have received three different contracts for solar energy systems projects in New Jersey. These projects total $500,000 and are being financed by the clients in cash.

Clear Skies is a renewable energy provider that services commercial, industrial and agricultural clients nationwide. Since 2005 it has developed proprietary systems and acquired technologies in the solar/renewable energies sector, while obtaining vital licenses and certifications.

The projects Clear Skies has signed on for or financed in the first few months of 2011 have exceeded their revenue from 2010. They expect this growth to increase throughout 2011, in conjunction with the growth of the American solar energy industry in general, as well as the strengthening economy. Clear Skies is taking advantage of institutional financing that was unavailable for solar energy systems beforehand, as well as credit available to small and medium sized businesses, and has funded several large solar installation companies on the west coast.

Ezra Green, CEO of Clear Skies, said, “Once again I am pleased to announce the increasing growth we are experiencing at CSS. We are progressing at a healthy clip with equipment deliveries expected as soon as this week. The projects we are signing in general are in the sub 500kw range and we are excited to be announcing the further expansion in the coming weeks into additional US markets. Our new sales model that began in January has proven to be a tremendous success and has proven to be worthwhile duplicating in the other markets.”