Cleartronic Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary VoiceInterop, offers an array of hardware and software solutions that connect various incompatible communication devices. The company's AudioMate360 Series link conventional two-way radios and other audio devices with an IP-communications network. Regardless if a business wishes to interoperate with its conventional or trunked/two-way system, a baseband audio source or even an iDEN network, the AudioMate360 line offers the most affordable and feature rich IP audio solution for unified communications today.

VoiceInterop's AudioMate Unified Communicationsâ„¢ Software takes unified communications to another level by allowing authorized personnel to securely communicate using any radio, telephone or PC device; regardless of equipment manufacturer, system protocols or frequencies. Now, through their unique software, telephones, two-way radio systems and PCs can communicate with each other over one secure IP Network. By using the AudioMate Unified Communicationsâ„¢ Software, businesses can centralize access to all AudioMate360 products.

The VoiceInterop Command Phone is a solution that integrates modern, commercial off-the-shelf communication devices into a fiber-optic ring network. Command Phone brings traditional crash phone or crash-net solutions to the latest generation technology with a GUI-based management system, scalable design, and error free usability. Command Phone offers a level of flexibility that no traditional crash phone or crash-net system can compete against. Although Command Phone was first designed to address a need at commercial airports, it has also been customized for critical infrastructure, campus-wide emergency broadcasts, financial Hoot and Holler and cross-jurisdictional clients.

VoiceInterop also produces demo kits to showcase their unified communications and interoperability solutions in an easy to use road-kit. The Demo Kit allows clients and partners alike to experiment with its hardware appliances and software applications. With multiple versions to choose from, clients and partners can custom build their Demo Kit to meet any budgetary requirement. Once implemented, the Demo Kit can easily be scaled into a production system. Most importantly, each Demo Kit includes five hours of VoiceInterop certified engineer technical assistance.

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