Clenergen Corp. announced that it has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Enhanced Biofuels & Technologies India Ltd (EBTI) to form a new research and development company. Called Biomass2Biopower Private Limited (B2B), the new company will be focused on bio energy research and development, evaluating a variety of tree species for future potential supplies of cultivated non edible biomass feedstocks.

B2B has evolved a highly integrated complimentary operational profile that embraces a team of scientific and technical skills drawn from some of the world’s foremost research, academic, Industrial, policy and financial sectors. The Scientific Advisory Council, headed up by Dr. W. Selvamurthy (Distinguished Scientist and Chief Controller for the Defense Research and Development Organization, Ministry of Defence, Govt of India), consists of many eminent scientists.

Commenting on the new Joint Venture Company, Mark Quinn, CEO of Clenergen stated, “The wealth of scientific knowledge of the Scientific Advisory Council provides Clenergen the best possible plant science resources for its feedstock cultivation program, along with a variety of alternative species of tree and grass which can be adopted for specific climatic conditions. B2B will generate revenue from the sale of its bio pesticides and bio fertilizers as well as out sourcing planting materials to third parties for the purpose of cultivating biomass feedstock on behalf of Clenergen Corporation”.

Doctor Ganapathy Arumugam, Managing Director & Group Science Director of EBTI, commented, “Our partnership with Clenergen allows for the commercialization of our plant science expertise in the field of genetic plant breeding, agronomy and microbiology. We can now provide a strong foundation for the production and supply of high yielding planting materials and crop based bioinputs. Together we aim to increase the productivity per unit area on a global scale for the cultivation of biomass as a non edible feedstock to be utilized as a source of renewable energy”.

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