Today, Biomass2Biopower Private Ltd. (“B2B”) announced that it has completed the first stage of its R&D program focused on the use of indigenous species of trees as viable sources of feedstock for the production of biomass for gasification power plant projects being implemented by Clenergen Corporation. The program aims to provide validation of the yield, production cycles and agronomy requirements as well as offer diversification to Clenergen’s integrated feedstock supply chain.

“Vanashree” was specifically highlighted in the press release for already demonstrating an output in excess of 40 tons per acre after 2 years of growth in a variety of soil conditions and relatively low water irrigation requirements. B2B will also develop and produce proprietary Bio pesticides, Bio fertilizers and other high value commodities from the processing of biomass resources. It is estimated that under controlled agronomy practices and fertilization programs, yields will be increased up to 20% on an annual basis.

As previously announced, Clenergen has already reached agreement on the terms to acquire a 1.5MW/Hr biomass power plant in Namakkal, Tamilnadu which is anticipated to be operational by year end 2009. Once operational, the company will initiate efforts to ramp up the capacity to 10MW/Hr while installing two new biomass power projects: a 16MW/Hr in Tuticorin Tamilnadu and a 64MW/Hr in Karnataka. The total project cost of the new plants has been estimated at US$236 million.

Mark Quinn, CEO of Clenergen, commented, “The wealth of scientific knowledge of the Scientific Advisory Council provides Clenergen the best possible plant science resources for its feedstock cultivation program, along with a variety of alternative indigenous species of trees in India, which can be adopted for specific climatic conditions. B2B will generate revenue from the sale of its bio pesticides and bio fertilizers as well as out sourcing planting materials to third parties for the purpose of cultivating biomass feedstock on behalf of Clenergen Corporation”.

Doctor Ganapathy Arumugam, Managing Director & Group Science Director of EBTI, stated, “Our partnership with Clenergen allows for the commercialization of our classic science expertise in the field of Plant breeding, Agronomy, and Microbiology and can provide a strong foundation for the production and supply of high yielding indigenous planting materials and crop based bio inputs to increase the productivity per unit area for the cultivation of biomass a Non edible feedstock as a source of renewable energy”.

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