Clenergen Corp., developer of innovative clean energy generation systems, has created a way to produce power, steam, hydrogen, and various other useful products, all through the use of advanced gasification and steam technologies. Instead of dealing with the issue of energy resources – specifically biomass processing – by simply applying engineering principles, Clenergen approaches it from an agronomy/microbiology and plantation management perspective. By so doing, the company is able to deliver a standard, uniform virgin biomass on a commercial scale, at regular intervals, for use in the generation of electricity.

The electricity is generated using proven gasification technology, which disintegrates the biomass releasing syngas. This can then be combusted to power gas turbine generators, or can be burned to release all tar while producing steam to run the turbine generators. The high levels of efficiency and energy conversion produces a consistent source of electricity, without any carbon emissions, resulting in carbon emission credits, the value of which can be applied toward offsetting the cost of production.

The technology has a rugged modular design, able to withstand adverse operating conditions, yet can produce from 8 megawatts per hour up to 100 megawatts per hour. Units of 8 MW create the most efficient economies of scale, and can be scaled up as the supply of biomass increases.

Clenergen Corporation India Private Limited, headquartered in Chennai Tamilnadu, India, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clenergen Corporation, UK. The Indian subsidiary has been set up to produce high-density, short-rotation biomass crops on a commercial scale at a cost equal to or less than the price of coal (measured in terms of energy), and to produce power and other useful products using the advanced gasification and steam technologies.

Clenergen management recognized early on that there was a gap in the area of co-generation and co-gasification, using cultivated biomass in conjunction with standard hydrocarbon fuels. Using advanced gasification techniques, together with the controlled sourcing available with cultivated biomass, the company has achieved a vital component in the future of co-gasification.

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