Clenergen Corp., the biomass power generation developer, is moving forward on projects in Africa, Asia, and South America, projects that will also affect power generation in the U.S. and Europe. The company expects to have operational power plants totaling over 500 megawatts within the next 5 years. Clenergen will distribute power to local and state governments as well as large end users, such as mining operations and sugar cane refineries.

Major feedstock plantations are being developed by Clenergen in Guyana, South America and Ghana, Africa. Both areas offer favorable climatic and economic conditions, and both have a need for electricity. As the plantations are scaled up, wood chip surplus can be exported to the U.S. and Europe, where there is a shortage of biomass for power generation. In Ghana, the company intends to install a 16 megawatt biomass power plant for a major mining company, and a 56 megawatt biomass power plant to feed the national grid.

Plans are moving forward for power plants in other countries as well. In Uganda, Africa, Clenergen will install a 4 megawatt biomass power plant for a leading mining company, with excess electricity being supplied to local towns and villages. In the Philippines, Clenergen intends to locate a 4 megawatt biomass power plant on behalf of a major sugar cane producer. Furthermore, multiple small power plants will later be installed to service a sugar refining company in Brazil. Clenergen is also working with the International Copper Association, who has fully endorsed the implementation of rural electrification in India and power plant projects at copper mines in India and South America.

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