Clenergen Corp. develops clean energy generation projects to address the need for renewable and sustainable supplies of electricity. The company installs and operates Distribution Environmental Power Systems (DEPS) around the world and the power is sold to regional, independent clients and national grids. Clenergen uniquely applies plant science to the cultivation of proprietary biomass feedstocks in order to power these systems.

The company announced today the appointment of Mike Starkie as president and chief financial officer of Clenergen. He replaces Dale Shepard as CFO. Mr. Starkie was the former chief accountant of British oil giant BP from 1994 to December 2009. He began working at BP in 1976 and spent the next two decades in a variety of financial jobs in BP businesses and offices throughout Europe.

As chief accountant for BP, Mr. Starkie played a leading role in BP’s mergers and acquisitions. He was also responsible for the company’s financial statements (including US corporate statements) and for the company’s SEC filings (20Fs and 6Ks), compliance with other financial reporting requirements, and for providing accounting advice to BP’s businesses, accounting network and directors.

Mr. Starkie sits on several intergovernmental and institutional boards acting as professional advisor and chairman. His expertise is used on the CBI Financial Reporting panel which he chairs and he is also advising the European Commission on the adoption of International Reporting Standards and other matters. It is his great expertise which will strengthen Clenergen’s management and will be of considerable value to the company.