Clenergen Corporation, a developer of power generation systems that run on biomass crops grown specifically for use as a power source, has secured a 49 year lease for 4,000 acres of land in Tamil Nadu, on the southeast coast of India. The acreage, located in the Tuticorin and Tirunelveli districts, will support plantations of bamboo (1,200 acres) and a fast growing species of tree called marjestica (2,800 acres) to feed a planned 16 megawatt power plant in the city of Tuticorin.

The city of Tuticorin has a seaport, airport, and is within 30 kilometers of the plantation sites. Clenergen has already leased a facility that has the required foundation and storage necessary for the power plant.

Further to the west, the Indian state of Karnataka has given Clenergen a 49 year lease on 25,000 acres of land, including river water irrigation rights, sufficient to support the cultivation of bamboo on a high-density crop rotation program. It is estimated that the land could generate up to 1 million tons of biomass annually after the third year of cultivation, providing a fuel source for power plants located in the city of Mangalore, on the southwest coast. Clenergen will be supplying a certain percentage of the electricity generated directly to the state, along with a nominal annual lease payment.

In South America, Clenergen has agreed to sublet from GCI Ltd approximately 150,000 acres of land in Guyana, for the cultivation of marjestica. GCI has already been cultivating a strain of the tree for the production of woodchip biomass for export to the U.S. and Europe. The land is located in District 10 of the Lower Berbice Region in Gyuana, about 70 miles from the town of New Amsterdam on the Atlantic coast.

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