Clenergen Corp. has developed a unique system of co-gasification and localized plantation management using proprietary and mixed biomass feedstocks to implement sustainable supplies of clean energy to regional, independent clients and national electric grids. The “distributed environmental power system” or DEPS combines significant proprietary advancements in plant science with proven, long-standing engineering technologies to achieve the goal of renewable and sustainable supplies of electricity.

Clenergen has an absolutely outstanding group of scientific advisors and non-executive directors to guide them on a path to future success. Here is a brief overview of the group:

Dr. N. Barathi – Biotechnology Science Advisor

Dr. N. Barathi has 25 years of experience in plant propagation by tissue culture and cultivation of plants. He has conducted research in bamboo for the past 10 years and identified an ideal bamboo clone for energy plantation and standardized agronomical management and agriculture inputs to maximize the biomass yield. Dr. Barathi is a founding director of Growmore Biotech Ltd., the only propagator of trpoical energy bamboo in the world. The company produces over 200,000 plants per week of bamboo and Paulownia for high density energy plantation. Dr. Barathi has been recognized for this work in countries including India, China and Australia.

Dr. K. Muthuchelian – Chief Scientific Advisor, Biomass Energy Crops

Dr. K. Muthuchelian is currently the director for Biodiversity and Forest Studies at the Madurai Kamaraj University, and also professor and head of the School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources at the same university in India. He has been nominated as Fellow of International Energy Foundation by the International Energy Foundation in Saskatchewan, Canada; Elected as Fellow of National Academy of Biological Sciences by the National Academy of Biological Sciences in India; and awarded the prestigious degree of ‘Doctor of Science’ by Madurai Kamaraj University.

Jack Dickey – Non-Executive Director

In 1969, Mr. Dickey founded the Dickey Seed Company, which later became the largest producer, processor and marketer of certified soybean seed in the southeastern United States. In 1992, he bought a major interest in Guyana Timber Sales, a company joint ventured with Guyana’s Plywood Industries Ltd. The purpose of the joint venture was for the harvesting, milling and marketing of wood and wood products from a company-acquired 95,000 acre timber tract along the Berbice River in Guyana. Mr. Dickey has continued working to convert Dickey Seed Company into an international, agro-forestry company.

David Sonnenberg – Non-Executive Director

Mr. Sonnenberg is currently executive director of Energy Technologies Limited, a South African company that is exploiting the potential of agricultural waste to produce renewable and sustainable electricity. He was the director of D1 Oil Plc and responsible for the agronomy department of Jatropha as a non-edible feedstock for the processing and production of biodiesel.

Mike Starkie – Non-Executive Director

Mr. Starkie is group vice-president and chief accounting officer of oil giant BP. In that position, he plays a leading role in BP’s mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Starkie is also responsible for BP’s financial statements, the company’s SEC filings and compliance with other financial reporting requirements.

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