Clenergen Corporation is dedicated to researching and developing renewable electricity techniques. The company attributes its success to its experienced management team, all of whose members bring a track record of success and operational expertise. Clenergen consistently upholds the standards of a great team and recognizes its members for their accomplishments and dedication to the company’s mission.

Clenergen’s Non-Executive Group Chairman, Dr. Arvind Pandalai, has 32 years of experience in international trading, export and import management, market research, counter trade, off-shore trade, joint ventures, project management, financial management and strategic planning. In 2004, he received the IMM Award for Excellence as a Top Professional by the Institute of Marketing & Management, New Delhi, India. He was also awarded Certificate of Excellence in Productivity, Quality, Innovation & Management by the Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi, India.

Robert Kohn, Clenergen’s Non Executive Vice-Chairman, has served as Chairman/CEO, President/COO, and co-founder of three start-up public companies, with a combined market cap of over $1.5 Billion. In his tenure, the equity and debt raised for these companies exceeded $400 million. He was President of a subsidiary of Exelon, an electric utility ranked #1 in U.S., and President and founder of (Energy Trading) at Exelon.

Mark LM Quinn, Chief Executive Officer, brings to Clenergen extensive international business experience in South East Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. Mark was co-founder and CEO of D1 Oils Plc. He successfully floated the company on the Alternative Investment Market in October 2004, raising £40 million in funding over the course of the first year.

Acting Chief Financial Officer Abhilash Kamti is a finance professional with experience in the banking & financial sector in various roles of Credit / Risk underwriting, and Structuring & Corporate Finance. Kamti was part of GE Capital in India with a focus on high end asset leasing. Prior to Clenergen, he was part of the senior management of a leading Non Banking company in the Infrastructure sector handling Treasury & Strategic funding.

Finally, Jessica Hatfield, Executive Vice President, created The Media Vehicle in 1994, a company that provided advertising alternatives to traditional above the line media. Hatfield’s personal interests and passions lie in organizing initiatives for the advocacy of environmentally protective projects, thus co-founding STARO (Save the Amazon Rainforest Organization). Hatfield was recently elected to the United Nations Environmental Program Hall of Fame recognizing her work in the field of Amazon Rainforest conservation.

Clenergen’s success directly stems from the strong core of its management team. Looking forward, Clenergen aims to stay focused on environmentally sound electricity techniques. To date, the company has begun operations Guyana, Ghana, Uganda, Brazil Russia and South Africa, and is anticipating expanding its endeavors.

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