Clenergen Corp. CEO Mark Quinn announced today before the opening that the company has acquired an exclusive intellectual property license for use in India and Sri Lanka from Star Biotechnology Ltd. This license will provide immediate access to the technology and knowledge required to increase the rate of biomass production, assisting in the generation of clean electricity through gasification.

“This is a significant source of plant science and expertise for Clenergen and will literally accelerate the development of our ambitions in the field. We have been working with the science team for the past six months and I am glad to have now reached this milestone”, stated Mr. Quinn today.

Using mother strains of Paulownia originating from Australia, the Polyploidy Technology Plant Adaption Process (PTPAP) will be applied to produce an entirely new species of fast growing tree, specifically cultivated to thrive in the climate and soils of land leased by Clenergen in India and Sri Lanka. It is projected that the application of PTPAP will result in up to a 40% increase in the growth of saplings within two years from planting.

On granting the license to Clenergen, Star Biotechnology’s Stephen Von Peltz commented, “This is an exciting new license for an exciting, young company and we are proud to supply the necessary knowledge and expertise required by Clenergen and their partners.”

The company also announced that Arbour Technologies Ltd of Queensland, Australia has been engaged to provide research, development and agronomy management for the cultivation of this biomass feedstock for gasification and the production of clean electricity by Clenergen.

Speaking of their involvement, Arbour Technologies’ Malcolm Lamont said, “We look forward to working on this innovative project and with all of the Clenergen team”

Within six months of the exclusive license being effective, 18,000 polyploidy Paulownia saplings and 6,000 parent (non-polyploidy) saplings will be ready to plant and support Clenergen’s clean electricity projects. The company’s subsidiary, Clenergen India Private Limited, has signed a 71 MW Power Purchase Agreement with the Power Trading Corporation of India and is currently in the first phase of development in the Tamilnadu region of India. When built, this facility will be able to utilize the biomass of the saplings for the production of electricity.