Clenergen Corp. develops clean energy generation projects to address the requirement for renewable and sustainable supplies of electricity. The company installs and operates Distribution Environmental Power Systems (DEPS) and applies plant science to the cultivation of proprietary biomass feedstocks in order to provide sustainable clean energy to regional, independent clients and national grids.

The company projects to have operational power plants generating over 500 megawatts per hour within the next five years. Their model of deploying DEPS to both governments and large end-users (such as mining operations and sugar cane refineries) as well as local municipalities, allows for scalability within each of the regions deployed.

Clenergen plans to implement their strategy on a global basis, particularly in areas that have chronic shortages of electricity. In Ghana for example, the company intends to install a 16MW biomass power plant for a major mining company and a 56MW biomass power plant to supply electricity directly into the nation’s electric grid. With major oil projects occurring offshore, Ghana will need more electricity and infrastructure to move forward with those projects.

Other major projects that Clenergen is working on include:

• Installing a 4MW biomass power plant on behalf of a mining company in Uganda, with excess electricity being sold to local towns and villages
• Installing a 4MW per hour power plant on behalf of a major sugar cane producer at a site in the Philippines
• Another power plant to be built for a sugar cane producer in Brazil

Clenergen is also working closely with the International Copper Association who has fully endorsed the implementation of rural electrification projects in India and power plant projects at copper mines in India and South America.

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