Clenergen Corp. is a biofuels company that is approaching the sector from a different perspective – from an agronomy/biology and plantation standpoint. The company’s goal is to produce high-density, short-rotation biomass crops on a commercial scale which will then be used to power, steam and perhaps produce other products from advanced gasification and steam technologies.

The company is led by an eminent Board of Directors and Advisors. Here is a brief overview of the members:

Dr. Arvind Pandalai – Non-Executive Group Chairman

Dr. Pandalai has 32 years of experience in international trading, export and import management, joint ventures, project and financial management along with strategic planning. He has numerous prestigious management awards in his native India.

Robert Kohn – Non-Executive Vice-Chairman, North America

Mr. Kohn has been chairman/CEO, president/COO, and co-founder of three start-up public companies, with a combined market cap of over $1.5 billion. He was also president of utility giant Exelon and president and founder of (energy trading) at Exelon.

Mark LM Quinn – CEO

Mr. Quinn has extensive international business experience in Southeast Asia, particularly in India and the Philippines, along with Russia, the Middle East and Africa. Mark was co-founder and CEO of D1 Oils, PLC where he developed D1 into the global market leader in biodiesel. D1 was successfully floated on London’s AIM stock market in October 2004.

Jessica Hatfield – Executive Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Ms. Hatfield created The Media Vehicle in 1994, a company that provided advertising alternatives to traditional media. Her interests today lie in organizing initiatives for the advocacy of environmentally protected projects. She was recently elected to the United Nations Environmental Program Hall of Fame recognizing her work in the field of Amazon rainforest conservation.

Mike Starkie – Non-Executive Director

Mr. Starkie is group vice-president and chief accounting officer of oil giant, BP. He plays a leading role in BP’s mergers and Acquisitions and is also responsible for the group’s financial statements, SEC filings and other financial reporting requirements.

David Sonnenberg – Non-Executive Director

Mr. Sonnenberg is currently executive director of Energy Technologies Limited, a South African firm that is exploiting the potential of agricultural waste to produce renewable and sustainable electricity. He was director of D1 Oil and responsible for the agronomy development of Jatropha as a non-edible feedstock for the processing and production of biodiesel.

Dr. K. Muthuchelian – Chief Scientific Advisor for Biomass Energy Crops

Dr. Muthuchelian is currently the director for Biodiversity and Forest Studies, professor and head of the School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources, and holds a “Doctor of Science” degree at Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai, India.

Jack Dickey – Non-Executive Director

Mr. Dickey began his agriculture career in 1963 and founded the Dickey Seed Company in 1969. This company is now the largest producer, processor and marketer of certified soybean seed in the southeastern United States. In 1992, he bought a major stake in Guyana Timer Sales, a venture involved in the harvesting, milling and marketing of wood and wood products from a company-acquired 95,000 acre timber tract in Guyana.

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