Clenergen Corp. is approaching the renewable energy/biofuels sector from a unique perspective – an agronomy/ plantation standpoint rather than from a purely technical/engineering standpoint. Clenergen’s goal is produce high-density, short-rotation biomass (non-food) crops to use as feedstock for advanced gasification technologies to produce electricity.

The company is led by an outstanding management group. Here is a brief overview of the team:

Dr. Arvind Pandalai, Non-Executive Group Chairman

Dr. Pandalai has 32 years of experience in a number of areas including: international trading, export and import management, market research, joint ventures, strategic planning, project and financial management. He has also won a number of management awards in his native India.

Robert Kohn, Non-Executive Vice-Chairman

Mr. Kohn has been chairman/CEO, president/COO, and co-founder of three start-up public companies with a combined market cap of over $1.5 billion. He was also a president of a subsidiary of Exelon, ranked #1 utility in the US, and president and founder of (energy trading) at Exelon.

Mark LM Quinn, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Quinn has extensive international business experience in the Middle East, Africa, Russia, India and the Philippines. He was co-founder and CEO of D1 Oils PLC, developing D1 into the global market leader in biodiesel. Mr. Quinn also successfully oversaw the listing on the company on the UK’s AIM (Alternative Investment Market) in October 2004.

Dale Shepard, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Shepard worked from 1973 to 1991 for global blue-chip company, General Electric. While at GE, he held the positions of: Director of Finance – GEM Polymers Ltd. Vice-President – GE Plastics Japan, Managing Director – GEM Chemicals Inc. From there he joined Kawasaki LNP NC in the engineering plastics subsidiary of Kawasaki Steel Corp. Over the eight years he was at Kawasaki, Mr. Shepard was involved with acquisitions in the US, UK, France and Germany which resulted in the tripling of European sales over five years.

Jessica Hatfield, Executive Vice-President

Ms. Hatfield created The Media Vehicle in 1994, a company that provided advertising alternatives to traditional media. In 2004, she was invited to join Leaders Quest, an international organization that develops existing and future world leaders.

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