Clenergen Corp. is a developer of clean biomass power generation systems, with its current focus on the nation of India. The company is using a unique approach to use specifically-grown biomass feedstock in order to power its generators.

The company has gained access to acreage in India for plantations in which to grow specific plants as biomass feedstock for power generation plants. A footprint of only 4,000 acres is sufficient to generate up to 16MW per hour of electricity on an annual basis.

The first plant that Clenergen has identified is a high calorific strain of bamboo (Beema Bamboo) which is capable of producing over 60 tons of biomass a year after year 3 and can be coppiced – cutting it down to near ground level so that many new shoots will appear – on an annual basis.

Clenergen has also identified a fast-growing species of tree – Marjestica – and has applied a ‘tree adaption process’ for rapidly increasing its exponential growth rate from 28% to 35%. This process is a natural phenomenon in which organisms respond to environmental stress by increasing the number of homologous sets of chromosomes or genomes in each cell. This process is NOT genetic modification, as it involves NO foreign DNA being introduced.

The whole idea, of course, is to generate renewable electricity. This is produced from synthetic fuel generated by a gasification process which disintegrates the biomass at very high temperatures and channels the syngas to specially designed “low calorific gas” turbine engines.

This proven gasification technology’s high levels of efficiency and energy conversion creates a consistent source of electricity production without generating any carbon emissions from the process. This generates ‘carbon credits’. Both the sequestration value from cultivation of the feedstock along with the displacement value of the electricity produced earns carbon credits. These credits can then be sold and help offset the cost of production.

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