Is there anything better than Mom’s cooking? Gina DeJesus reportedly requested her Mom’s meatloaf upon returning home from the hospital on Tuesday.

The Cleveland kidnapping victim was kept in the house of horrors by her alleged captor Ariel Castro for nearly a decade: She was restrained with chains and ropes, starved, and beaten, as were Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight.

After being rescued with the help of neighborhood residents, DeJesus is focusing on the healing comforts of home.

“Gina wants to go back to school, get her driver's license and get a haircut,” Cleveland City Councilman Matt Zone told People magazine. “She wants to learn to put on makeup, all those girly things. It's the simple things -- those are the things that are the most precious to her,” said Zone, who has spent time with her family since she came home.

Her parents are focused on helping her recover from the kidnapping and torture she endured in the house of horrors. “Gina told me all she wanted me to do was make my meatloaf for her,” her mother Nancy Ruiz told Zone. “Nancy said, ‘I’m making my baby some meatloaf.’”

Lydia Esparra, a friend of the family, told People that DeJesus looked great: “Despite being skinny, she looked very healthy. She obviously doesn’t have a lot of skin color, ’cause she’s been living in a house with no sun for nine years. But she looks amazing. Amazing.”

To help give the 23-year-old some privacy following her return home, the family has erected a shield made of blue plastic sheets to cover the backyard, People noted. It’s been reported that Knight is currently residing with the DeJesus family, refusing to see her own relatives since they didn’t hold any vigils for her following her disappearance. Knight was kept in the hospital the longest after she reportedly suffered at least five miscarriages at the hands of Castro.

“Gina’s enjoying her family,” People quoted her cousin Sylvia Colon as saying. “She’s right now only spending time with our immediate family and her friends that she’s known since she was a little girl. No one else will have the opportunity to see her any time soon.” She added, “We just want some time to really connect with our loved one.”